Nathaniel McMillion, Mason Low, Areli Ruiz, Nicholas Couto

Faculty Mentor(s)

Elizabeth Vidaurri (Other)


The purpose of this presentation is to identify the structure that is white supremacy and the ways Central Washington University, as a predominantly white institution perpetuates this structure. White supremacy is not restricted to the far-right extremists, but in white-centered societies and communities, it is the dominant paradigm that forms the foundation from which norms rules and laws are created. Dismantling this system requires having honest conversations in the ways we are complicit in it and with her book Me and White Supremacy, Layla F. Saad has provided us a framework for which to do so. This presentation will highlight the necessity of addressing white supremacy at a PWI, as well as reveal first-hand experiences that Central students have with encountering this ideology. Combining ethnographic research along with Saad’s work, this presentation will identify how the institution of Central has engaged in behaviors such as apathy, tokenism, and optical allyship. We will also be demonstrating how Central, and its community can move from optical allyship to the practice of true allyship to BIPOC communities.

Keywords: Equity, Anti-Racism, Inclusion


2 thoughts on “Us and White Supremacy”

  1. This was such a great presentation! Within the past year, there have been many conversations had around social justice and how we must continue to dissect the systems that are around us. This presentation gives us a step-by-step process of how each individual can step up and be a part of dismantling oppressive systems that are present around us by just acknowledging privileges that we all hold. Thank you for highlighting this important conversation, sharing your research at this symposium, and using your voices to talk about this issue that did not just start last year, and will not just end without us all putting the work in.

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