The Neuroscience of Mental Health


Tyler Ussery

Faculty Mentor(s)

Tyler Ussery (Psychology)


COVID-19 has affected our world in countless ways, but most of all, the virus has encouraged reflection in most areas of humanity. One of the most pressing global issues currently is mental health. An overall ambiguous term, mental health encompasses several areas of the human experience. As scientific study rapidly develops, new information regarding behavioral neuroscience and genetics has introduced the opportunity for individuals to develop personal “best practices”. This presentation is designed to provide an overview of how our “ancient brain” interacts with a modern lifestyle. Specifically, major brain regions and neurophysiology will be introduced in relationship to mental illness, motivation, and general homeostasis. The interplay between diet, exercise and use of technology in relation to mental health will also be explored.

Keywords: Mental Health, Neuroscience, Self-Help


5 thoughts on “The Neuroscience of Mental Health”

  1. Tyler – Thank you for addressing the very important topic of mental health! It would be great to have you come and talk to my abnormal psychology class.

    1. Thank you very much! I would love to work with anyone and everyone! I will send an email soon regarding your comment. Best, Tyler.

  2. Hi Tyler,
    This is excellent. I enjoy how you managed to pack such a wealth of information into a succinct, relatable, and highly engaging presentation. Well done!

  3. Victoria Hussung

    Well done Tyler! you did a great job on this presentation and provided great information. Mental health is an important topic to talk about. Not only will it break down the stigma surrounding mental health, but remind people that there are services there to help and they are not going through it alone. As we are facing a pandemic, COVID-19 has increased the severity of mental health such as anxiety and depression. The virus has impacted many people and still is as of today. In what ways can a community come together to bring awareness and improve mental health from COVID-19?

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