The Extent Deafness is Mentioned in Elementary Education Courses at Central Washington University


Megan Marshall

Faculty Mentor(s)

Naomi Petersen (Accessibility Studies)


A large number of deaf and hard of hearing children are enrolled in mainstream education programs and many are taught in general education classrooms, by teachers who have not focused on special education in their teaching programs. In order to find out if Central Washington University orients teaching candidates enrolled in the Elementary Education major to be aware of aspects of deafness such as culture, language acquisition/deprivation, and accommodations, four courses within the major were reviewed. The courses are EDSE: Introduction to Students with Exceptionalities, ELEF 212: Introduction to Teaching in the Elementary Schools, ELEM 333: Inclusive Teaching, and ELEM 443: Teaching in Linguistically Diverse Classrooms. Included in this review were the syllabi objectives and the textbooks used in the courses. The Elementary Education Program at Central Washington University produces a large number of teaching candidates in the state of Washington. As such, the courses that these students are required to take are instrumental in their education as future teachers.

Keywords: Deafness, Elementary Education, Accessibility, Diversity


4 thoughts on “The Extent Deafness is Mentioned in Elementary Education Courses at Central Washington University”

  1. Hi Megan! It was really awesome to see your visual after hearing you discuss your project in the Capstone classes. Thank you for differentiating d/Deaf for those who are unaware of the cultural significance of being Deaf šŸ™‚

  2. Great talk. I had very little teaching about deafness in the teaching program I went to (not CWU), so t is great to see you focusing in this important issue. I am really glad you are pointing out some of the issues and complexities that schools need to focus on as they (hopefully) been to expand teaching about deafness in teacher training programs.

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