Mechanical Engineering Technology

Mini RC Baja

Author(s) Jason Schindler Faculty Mentor(s) John Choi (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract Cars have each aspect of engineering incorporated into them, which make them a great learning tool. That is why an RC Baja car is a great senior project for Mechanical Engineering students. The approach… Read More »Mini RC Baja

NRJ RC Baja Car: Suspension and Transmission

Author(s) Jeffrey Harn, Ryder Satak, Naoki Masuda Faculty Mentor(s) Jeunghwan Choi (Mechanical Engineering Technology), Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract Students of Central Washington University’s Mechanical Engineering technology program were tasked with designing, manufacturing, and testing a remote-controlled scale vehicle for the American Society of… Read More »NRJ RC Baja Car: Suspension and Transmission