Strengthening Interdisciplinary Leadership Teams through Team Development Intervention


Leana St Clair, Meghan Gilbert

Faculty Mentor(s)

Jamie Gilbert (Non-Profit Management)


In the workforce and the classroom, one of the fastest growing trends is teamwork. Organizational leaders, spanning across varying fields and disciplines, have indicated that the amount of time spent on team related tasks has continued to increase. Along with this growing trend, the Silo Effect, which is diminishing and damaging cross-departmental and interdisciplinary collaboration, is threatening organizational sustainability and creating a demand for team development solutions. In order to increase strength, communication, and collaboration amongst an interdisciplinary leadership team, a Team Development Intervention (TDI) was created that focused primarily on the factors of interpersonal communication management, problem solving, role clarification/flexibility, and goal setting/achievement. The TDI is made up of both Team Building and Team Debriefing components that can be implemented by faculty and staff with student-based leadership teams. This presentation will focus on the development of this TDI and how it can be utilized to strengthen both interpersonal communication-based team skills and the ability to successfully collaborate across disciplines. Along with that, it provides a model for university faculty and staff to effectively mentor future student leadership teams into strong organizational leaders, communicators, and collaborators.

Keywords: Team Development, Interdisciplinary, Collaboration, Academic Service Learning


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