Societal Diet Culture and Fatphobia in South Korea


Jennifer Rhee

Faculty Mentor(s)

Chong Eun Ahn (Asian Studies)


South Korea has become an epicenter of international entertainment- K-pop, Korean dramas and films, and video games can be seen enjoyed all over the world. Along with the rise of South Korean entertainment, many consumers have found obsession over the desired Korean “look” leading to eating disorders, plastic surgery appointments, and body shaming. Korean beauty standards are unrealistic and pushing harmful and dangerous body images. What is Korea doing to respond to the public outcries of body shaming?

Keywords: Diet-culture, Fatphobia, Media, Diversity


4 thoughts on “Societal Diet Culture and Fatphobia in South Korea”

  1. Jennifer’s presentation is very concise! Her presentation structure and design are very organized, reflecting her in-depth research of utilizing old and recent news. She touched the societal and cultural backgrounds within the topic very well, using a variety of examples. Jennifer draws a firm conclusion by connecting mental and physical health over strictly having standardized and accepted outside beauty.

  2. Thanks for your critique about the body-shaming culture and hopeful comment about the changes ahead. Since this fatphobia controls women’s body more than men’s, how does the recent changes among Netizens relate to recent feminist movements in Korea?

  3. Great work, Jennifer! I really appreciated the critical lens with which you approach fat phobia in Korea. My question is: how do you think the fat shaming culture in Korea compares to that of the U.S.?

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