School Psychology Recruitment


Cody Kuster, Natalie Amos, Tahlia Lopez, Alex Reimann

Faculty Mentor(s)

Heath Marrs (Psychology)


The field of School Psychology has shown a shortage of practitioners across the nation. With that, applicants to graduate schools are needed more than ever to help fill the gap of the shortage. Our research team wanted to see whether the knowledge of the field of School Psychology helped determine whether undergraduate students would be applying for School Psychology graduate programs depending on their class in undergrad. The study also looked at if the factor of whether the participants knew who their School Psychologist was during their time in primary and secondary school, and if that may contribute to their decisions of applying for School Psychology programs in the future. Participants were asked to fill out a survey to help assess their knowledge of the different Psychology fields/graduate programs as well as their choice intention to apply/enroll into School Psychology Programs. The participants consisted of 372 undergraduate students at Central Washington University.

Keywords: school psychology, career choice, recruitment, graduate school


2 thoughts on “School Psychology Recruitment”

  1. I have to agree that the field of school psychology is not sufficiently addressed in the undergraduate program. I often talk to my advisees about the school psychology profession and most don’t really understand what that means. Many students see it as another term for school counseling. Thanks for the interesting poster.

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