Recursos y Entendimiento a la Discapacidad (translated to Resources And Understanding of Disability)


Stephanie Lopez

Faculty Mentor(s)

Naomi Jeffery Petersen (Accessibility Studies)


Many individuals with disabilities within Mexican families lose the opportunity for self-advocacy or advocacy from family members due to the stigma regarding disability. This community outreach provides training and resources to understand disability.



2 thoughts on “Recursos y Entendimiento a la Discapacidad (translated to Resources And Understanding of Disability)”

  1. Great presentation, Stephanie! It is very educational and increased my knowledge and cultural competency around Mexican culture and disability. I appreciate that you made it more accessible by presenting in both English and Spanish.

  2. Hi Stephanie!
    Thank you so much for sharing your informative presentation through SOURCE. (I tried viewing it earlier this week but it wouldn’t load so I’m glad to see it’s working!) I really appreciate your discussion of and raising awareness around the misapprehensions and fears around disability found in Mexican culture. I also appreciate the awesome bilingual aspect of your presentation, not only making it more accessible to more folx but getting to see the two languages side-by-side presents an additional learning opportunity.
    Thank you again for all of your great work! : )
    Best wishes, Bridget

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