Program To Avoid RFID Cloning


Lorenzo Isiordia

Faculty Mentor(s)

Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology)


Security is crucial for any organization, especially for organizations with a great number of employees. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to assist security by providing a Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID) system that is impervious to sort of cloning. RFID cloning is where data from one RFID tag is copied to another tag, which leads to the user having access to a specific area or room. To construct an RFID system that can prevent cloning from occurring, a Microcontroller and a Reader are key components. How an RFID system works is by using a tag that contains a keycode being scanned by a reader (CR95HF), which sends the data to the microcontroller showing the keycodes of the RFID tag. One way to prevent cloning is by configuring how and when the RFID tags can be read within the program. Setting a time window when a tag can be used decreases the opportunity of cloning from happening. In conclusion security is of great import for organizations or companies’ integrity and safety. Having control of who has authorization in a specific area or room is important and providing a RFID system that can prevent any sort of cloning from happening keeps security invulnerable.



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