Pregnancy-related concerns and priorities among Latina women during the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.


Aritzandi Martinez, Beeson, Tishra

Faculty Mentor(s)

Tishra Beeson (Public Health)


Pregnant women are experiencing changes both in pregnancy and childbirth due to the effects of COVID-19, raising concerns both for themselves and their baby’s health. This study investigates group differences in the expressed concerns and experiences related to pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic between Latina and non-Latina women. This study aims to investigate three central questions, Do Latina respondents worry more about pregnancy during COVID-19 than non-Latina women? Do Latina women have a higher Fear of Birth Scale (FOBS) than non-Latina women during the COVID-19 Pandemic? and Do Latina women report different concerns related to pregnancy during the COVID-19 pandemic? Pregnant women were recruited in their third trimester if they had an expected due date between April – July, 2020 and filled out a survey about their pregnancy related experiences and expectations. Descriptive statistics on key variables were conducted (fear of birth scores, COVID-specific worry, and concerns/priorities related to the pandemic) and also used unpaired t-tests to identify group differences on dependent variables by the respondents’ self-identified Hispanic/Latina ethnicity. Based on the results, no statistically significant difference in reported COVID-specific worry, no statistically significant difference in reported Fear of Birth scale was found. However, Latina women respondents reported higher concerns related to the postpartum stage than their non-Latina counterparts which is highly significant. These findings should be taken into account in order to fulfill the gaps in providing timely, high quality, and patient-centered care to pregnant women and expecting families during a major health and social crisis like the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keywords: COVID-19, LATINA, PREGNANCY, diversity


2 thoughts on “Pregnancy-related concerns and priorities among Latina women during the COVID-19 pandemic in the U.S.”

  1. Hi Aritzandi,
    Thank you for your presentation! It is such an interesting avenue of research. Because we already see these health disparities among Latina women during pregnancy, it is great to see this issue put into the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. As you mentioned, it would be good to see this research done with a more diverse sample. How do you think a more diverse sample may or may not have impacted your findings?

  2. I love this presentation. By focusing on a minority group and identifying their concerns and fears that are only exacerbated due to COVID, you are shining a light on policies that need to be changed in order to assist Latinas. Great job on this presentation!

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