Portable Powerwall Charging and Control System


Jeffrey Sargent

Faculty Mentor(s)

Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology)


When there is an emergency that causes a loss of power, having a backup is extremely important in some cases while others might not want to leave their homes to have access to power. We have recently seen the need for this during the recent Winter storms in Texas where hundreds of thousands were out of power for several days on end. The use of generators is common to meet this need, but with the environmental impact of burning fossil fuels and the generally low efficiency of these machines it is not viable for everyone to use them. Others Turn to installing batteries into their homes to power important appliances, but eventually power will run out. A portable large-scale battery would provide emergency responders with the power they need to do their work and consumers with a backup power solution that can be taken to a location with grid power, or with ample wind or solar access to be recharged. This product could also be used in developing countries where access to power is limited all the time. This Project aims to design charging and monitoring systems for such a battery while future work can be put into integration with the home and portability.

Keywords: Battery, Renewable, Humanitarian, Sustainability


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