Navigating Google’s Nonprofit Marketing Immersive


Kahlia Mafua, Hashmi Bhardwaj, Bailey Nygreen, Esmeralda Marquez, Andrey Gromov

Faculty Mentor(s)

Sayantani Mukherjee (Marketing)


This presentation will highlight CWU/CB digital marketing minor students’ work in the Google Ads nonprofit marketing immersion global program. The program connects non-profits, students, and donors through the Google ads campaign. A campaign budget of $10,000 is provided by Google. Five students from the digital marketing minor program at the College of Business are currently participating in the immersion experience as part of an individual study over winter/spring 2021. The student team is paired with a Nevada/California based 501 (C3) non-profit “On Common Ground” *OCG). OCG’s mission is focused on sustainability and the food justice movement. The goal is to minimize food insecurity by diverting food wastage to nutrition, while providing enhanced access to nutritious food, education and tools for underrepresented and underserved communities. The student team is responsible for managing non-profit client relationships and designing, implementing and optimizing the Google ads campaign to increase awareness and reach fundraising goals. As part of the immersion, students completed Google search/measurement certifications, submitted a precampaign “design” report and is currently in the implementation and optimization phase of the campaign. The final deliverable is a post-campaign report which is an in-depth analysis of the campaign data and a self-reflection on the learning process embedded in the immersion program. This post-campaign report will be reviewed and evaluated by the students’ faculty mentor, non-profit, and Google.

Keywords: Nonprofit, Analytics, Advertising, Sustainability


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