Motor Loading Project


Mohammad Farajallah

Faculty Mentor(s)

Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology)


The Motor Loading project aims to help students understand how an AC motor works and how it is affected when a load is being applied to it. In this project there are three variables to keep track of and measure. One of the things that is being measured is the speed of the motor by using a proximity sensor, this measurement is recorded in Revolution Per Minute (RPM). The second thing that is being measured is the amount of load being applied to the motor by measuring the amount of Amperage the motor needs to work, this measurement is recorded in newton meter (N-m). The third thing that is being tracked is the amount of weight being used to apply the load to the motor by using weights, this measurement is recorded in Kilogram (kg).
The way a load is being added onto the motor is by using an All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) brake rotor, brake caliper, and brake pads that are attached to the motor. The brake caliper is attached to a brake puddle that will be used to add weights on it which will then add pressure on the brake rotor. To make sure student’s safety while the motor is operational it will be placed inside a plex glass box.

Keywords: Ac Motor


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