Motor Function Demo


Patrick Bennett

Faculty Mentor(s)

Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology)


The uses, function, and differentiation of control in electrical motors is a topic that is difficult to grasp to the average onlooker. This project aims to lessen or remove this difficulty for those in the Electronics Engineering Technology program. This was determined to be through the movement and observation of four motors: a common DC motor, a mini servo motor, a stepper motor, and a shaded pole AC motor. From these four, data was measured in respect to what one wants out of each motor in their respective industry setting. For the DC and AC motors the RPM is measured in respect to their voltage input and input frequency, respectively. The stepper and servo motor have their current position measured and compared to their respective inputs. All of which is programmed accordingly in LabVIEW for the purposes of it being a more visual learning tool. This will allow any prospective EET majors or other student who have even a hint of interest in electrical motors a chance to interact with and understand how they work.

Keywords: Motors, Education, Control


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