Yajaira Perez

Faculty Mentor(s)

César García (Communication)


Systemic racism in the education system is an issue that has been outlooked for too long. Students who attend low income school districts have an exceptional disadvantage at life. It has been proven that student who attend low income school districts have exceptionally lower test scores and a lower graduation rate, in comparison to a student who attends a high income school district. Usually, low income school districts have a high percentage of minorities. In the Yakima School District in Washington State, 80.1% of students are Hispanic and/or Latino; furthermore, these students hold the lowest test scores amongst other student demographics. The Latinx community have many disadvantages that stops students from pursuing higher education; moreover, disadvantages including low income, low resources at high schools, citizenship situations, and low parent involvement. These disadvantages leads to Latinx students taking different paths in life that are short term. La Comunidad Project is an Amazon communication plan that will assist Latinx high school students in Yakima, Washington to grow and excel in higher education. The goal for La Comunidad Project is to build a relationship with Latinx high school students in the Yakima School District by providing resources, exclusive scholarships, summer internship opportunities, and interactive workshops. The efforts in offering exclusive scholarships and internships, hiring Amazon Advisors, hosting computer science workshops, and providing advanced laptops to students are strategic tactics in targeting Latinx students who attend Davis and Eisenhower High School. La Comunidad Project will be giving Latinx high school students the opportunity to plan, grow, and excel in higher education.



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