Adamari Valente

Faculty Mentor(s)

Volha Isakava (History)


The topic that will be presented on will be about Korean Variety shows. Korean citizens watch dramas and variety shows that will make them have a good time when they are taking a break from work or school. Korea has so many variety shows that are targeted to be enjoyed as a whole family. Depending on the type of show there is they are always to bring families together, show people of different ages about history, music, news, and all about the Korean culture. These shows are very different because they want to demonstrate the good things that has and will happen to the viewers. I will be presenting my topic about variety shows on showing the different variety shows there is and who their main approach is. From the ones I have seen there has been a lot for adults but also some for children to see.

Keywords: Diversity, History, Culture


4 thoughts on “Korean Variety Shows”

  1. Adamari analyzed and discussed all the varying genres of shows that she committed to research. She broke these down in an audience-friendly format of categories. Her display was very well-organized and considerate of effectively providing information. Her presentation reflects her passion for her research, and she provided more detailed information orally during the presentation. Adamari did a fantastic job concluding her presentation. She was on point, to sum up what she presented while also addressing that her presentation was of a few specifically selected examples and not a representation of the genre as a whole.

  2. Great work, Adamari! So many interesting shows you have showcased for our audience, I hope there will be more variety shows aficionados after your talk šŸ™‚ My question is a little bit personal: what is your favorite show and why?

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