Presentation Judging Rubrics

Judges are faculty, staff, and community members that are asked to rank presentations on a scale of 1-5 in the following categories while also providing constructive and clear feedback.

Rubric: Poster/Virtual PresentationRubric: Creative Expression
Relevance: The poster/presentation offered insight into the significance and worth of the topic.Creative Statement: The statement clearly articulates and contextualizes the artists’ purpose, inspiration, and outcomes.
Knowledge: The poster/presentation clearly demonstrated the student’s knowledge of the topic.Content: The creative endeavor/performance is: Original in approach, scope and/or context; Expresses the artists’ vision well; Is informed by choice, perspective and/or values.
Organization & Visual Elements: The poster layout/ presentation flow was well organized and intelligible.Delivery: The creative endeavor/performance demonstrates: Understanding & knowledge of the artistic instrument(s) (body/voice/imagination/musical instrument); Skill in techniques utilized; Effective application.
Reasoning: The student offered meaningful insights about the material.Audience Engagement: The creative endeavor/performance: Captured and held audience attention; Offered nuance/surprise/dynamic variation.
Delivery: Vocal projection, eye contact, confidence, and responses to questions, etc.Aesthetics: Is the creative endeavor/performance cohesive? Does the style inform and/or compliment the content?
Overall: Poster/ presentation was coherent to a general audience.