Integrating Arts and Children’s Literacy to Create a Culturally and Historically Responsive Classroom


Katie Stoen

Faculty Mentor(s)

Grace Blum (Elementary Education)


This project will look at one example about how as educators we can design lesson plans that will create a culturally responsive classroom using Dr. Gholnecsar “Gholdy” Muhammad’s historically responsive framework in “Cultivating Genius: An Equity Framework for Culturally and Historically Responsive Literacy” (2020) through integrating arts and children’s literature.

Keywords: Culturally Responsive, Literacy, Transformative Learning


9 thoughts on “Integrating Arts and Children’s Literacy to Create a Culturally and Historically Responsive Classroom”

  1. Thank you for sharing your love and application of Muhammad’s framework through the five pursuits
    I would love to see how students are impacted by your application of the framework. Excellent.

  2. I am intrigued on the way you have set books that connect with Muhammads framework. Not only did you make sure there was a connections but you made sure students can identify with the book.

  3. Thank you for sharing your ideas for the Cultivating Genius book. Two ideas I really liked within your video was how you provided additional books that reflected the different aspects of the framework. I think this is extremely helpful to teachers because they can have other books to bring within the classroom. I also liked how you explained why the framework was important to you because that made me more interested in why I should care about this framework.
    I was wondering, what is your favorite part of the framework-joy, skills, ect?

  4. Angelique Deaderick

    I believe it was very nice to use multiple books in the presentation, not only giving one good example of Muhammad’s framework in literature but also in the terms of diversity as a whole. It gives multiple tales, multiple stories, and it just goes to show how many books follow the method used in Cultivating Genius. It just goes to show that finding a book for everyone isn’t as difficult as one might think it is.

  5. This was a awesome presentation on Gholdy Muhamad’s framework and all those art integration activities were great.

  6. I really enjoyed this presentation! Turning these concepts into real lessons seems like the hardest part of this framework. I think that pairing relevant topics with these lessons will keep students engaged while also teaching them valuable skills.

  7. The books you selected are amazing and fit very well within your lesson title and focus. Your understanding of Gholdy Muhammad’s framework was impressive and inspiring.

  8. Great presentation! As a future teacher, it is important for me to stay updated on books that will have a good impact in the classroom. I really enjoyed learning about these new books.

  9. I loved how well she knew her stuff, she was smooth and calm and really knew what to talk about and the information. This video gives me a great template, with posture, eye contact, and this video was enjoyable because of her abilities.

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