How Has Korean Mythology & Folklore impacted Korean Culture


Aracely Cohetzaltitla, Laura Randolph

Faculty Mentor(s)

Chong Eun Ahn (Asian Studies)


In our presentation we will discuss how Korean Folklore and Mythology has impacted Korean culture in the past and in the present. We will be discussing three important stories/ myths that Koreans grew up hearing, and also how these stories/ myths have shaped history, and how it has impacted and continues to impact the culture today. Some of the subtopics that will be discussed along with the stories are poetic justice, the diligence of Koreans, community vs. individualism and filial piety.

Keywords: History, Folklore, Culture


1 thought on “How Has Korean Mythology & Folklore impacted Korean Culture”

  1. Great work, Aracely and Laura! It was illuminating to learn about these foundational myths! My question is more personal: what is your favorite Korean fairy tale/myth and why?

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