Homecoming: A Climate Fiction Reading


Kathleen Singleton

Faculty Mentor(s)

Tamara Caulkins (History), Matthew Martinson (Douglas Honors College)


How does the concept of home grow with you? Every year, salmon return to the streams they were born in to lay their eggs and die. Likewise, humans will always feel a pull towards what we consider home. This reading of a short piece of climate fiction will explore themes of migration, both of the natural world and of our relation to it. Drawing on techniques and knowledge gained in a recent class on climate change in history and literature, this piece of fiction tells the story of a school teacher who returns home to the Pacific Northwest, and how she passes on lessons about the salmon that return there every year.

Keywords: Climate Change, Speculative Fiction, Narrative


2 thoughts on “Homecoming: A Climate Fiction Reading”

  1. I like your descriptor of “Dropped a rock in a flock of sparrows” to describe the children scattering and can see it happening! You also pose a great thought question, “What is home for the salmon?” that really makes us leave with some wonder. Very enjoyable to listen to!

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