Jaeda Nelson, Gisselle Espinoza, Bianca Sanchez, Chante Jacobs, Tess Sparks

Faculty Mentor(s)

Kate Doughty (Other)


CWU PUSH strives to meet students as they are and celebrate their wholeness by offering support through consistent action and co-active leadership. This work is not just to solve a problem, but to humanize it. If students are without a basic need as important as food, their ability to perform and experience life is compromised. Oftentimes, there is a cultural stigma that discourages college students from receiving free food. Programs and organizations can offer amazing solutions, but there must also be a heavy emphasis on creating ways for students to feel comfortable and normalize using those opportunities. This year is unique than others due to the pandemic which created an opportunity for the officers to reimagine how to solve food insecurity for CWU students. This presentation analyzes the solutions and practices implemented by PUSH officers that satisfies a socially distant and virtual world. More specifically, by creating covid safe resources and building the community within and outside CWU.

Keywords: Malnourished, Community, Resolve, Diversity, Sustainability


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