E paper picture frame


Zachary Cushon

Faculty Mentor(s)

Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology)


This project aims to solve a few fundamental problems that are posed with the design and form factor of digital picture frames. Digital picture frames are a great decoration and perform the same function as a regular picture frame but are more dynamic, allowing multiple pictures to be shared in one frame. Although these are great advantages there are also disadvantages that come with digital picture frames such as frequent charging or needing to be plugged into an outlet during use. With the use of Electronic-paper(E-paper),both of these problems were solved! E paper works by physically displaying an image or text(as seen with the kindle) rather than displaying it as light. This is important because it allows for the display to draw no power unless transitioning between pictures allowing for the frame to have a 3 month battery life with a moderately sized battery.

Keywords: power, battery, e-paper


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