Dueling Crises: The Case of Regional Flooding During the COVID-19 Pandemic in Sudan


Kalea Bokma

Faculty Mentor(s)

Tishra Beeson (Public Health)


Sudan is a low-income country located in north-eastern Africa that has faced several decades of regional conflict and constrained economic growth. In July of 2020, amidst the current COVID-19 pandemic, the entire country was hit with record-breaking floods that affected all 18 states in the country. This case study will report the emerging data on the compounded effects of the flooding event during the global pandemic, as well as summarize ongoing action to respond to these intersecting crises. The case study also presents recommendations for future efforts to address infrastructure and health system capacity to mitigate the impact of similar public health crises of international concern. Future efforts will focus on expanding disaster preparedness plans and on summarizing lessons learned in Sudan that may be applied to other similar global health contexts.

Keywords: Sudan, Floods, COVID-19


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