Civic Engagement and Leadership Fellowship Conclusion


Landis Hanson

Faculty Mentor(s)

Andre Dickerson (Engage)


This presentation will represent efforts completed to increase civic engagement at the Ellensburg CWU campus, which was graciously funded by the Washington State Campus Compact Civic Engagement and Leadership Fellowship. The opportunity was designed to provide educational programming and services to encourage students to become informed and engaged citizens. This fellowship focused on addressing lower than average voter turnout amongst college students, more specifically outreaching to college students regarding the political processes at the local, state and federal levels, in hopes of growing their awareness and involvement within their voting districts. Civic engagement techniques employed included: Get Out the Vote Drives with the League of Women Voters; student engagement in lobby days with Washington State Congresspeople; pathways programs with access to city councilmembers and employees; and other related initiatives. This presentation will showcase results from programs created in close collaboration with the Associated Students of Central Washington University’s Governmental Affairs Office and other community-based organizations. Additionally, this presentation will outline actions taken and potential future opportunities to grow awareness and service opportunities for students in the democratic process.

Keywords: Engagement


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