Automated Control Unit that Adjust Volume Levels Based on Applied Sound Level to a Desired (dB) Level


Draven Osiadacz

Faculty Mentor(s)

Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology)


During large concerts, or small shows there are times when a band is playing to loud or not loud enough for the venue. This project is designed to adjust the volume levels on a control system automatically to the appropriate user defined decibel levels. This project incorporates a sound level transmitter that will monitor the decibel levels in the room and transmit the data to a programmable logic controller (PLC). The PLC uses this data to control the out puts that control the volume up and down levels on an infrared remote. Either the volume up or the volume down button on the remote controlled by the PLC adjust the systems volume until the desired range is met. The remote then sends that single to the receiver box that is hooked into the sound system, adjusting the volume levels to a set limit defined by the user. The user defined limits are controlled by a touch screen that changes the limits that are in the code. The touch screen is mounted to another similar case that is connected to the original. A set of stack lights colored yellow (low range), green (desired range), and red (high range) are used as a visual indicator for the user. The PLC and infrared remote are mounted inside of a carrying case while the stack lights and sensor are mounted to the top.

Keywords: Automated, Volume, Control


1 thought on “Automated Control Unit that Adjust Volume Levels Based on Applied Sound Level to a Desired (dB) Level”

  1. Awesome job Draven. I am proud of what you have accomplished. You have worked your way through a very challenging discipline.
    Mr. Kern

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