Kaela Buffum Hogan

Faculty Mentor(s)

Kathryn Stahl (Theatre Arts)


I started my exploration of humanity through creation in COVID by observing my own circumstances and reaching out to fellow artists in my community. My initial approach to this performance was with the intention of being performed live, but this was redirected by COVID safety precautions. Alone, is a response to the world we have lost. It is a reflection of the overwhelming confusion and sorrow experienced by the general population. This piece is an invitation to the audience to reflect, to breathe, to grieve, and to exist. Alone takes place in the spaces we hold dear to our hearts and in the times that we are most alone. In the creative process we used the zoom camera as a lens to view the character through their internal monologue and focused on designing a space that would be intimate and emotionally jarring. On social media, I reached out to peers for personal media and experiences about their lives in the past year of the COVID-19 pandemic, all of the media included in this performance was resourced that way. My actors and I focused on creating an authentic connection through a digital lens and this led us to interpret the script in new forms. Moving forward, I would like to use this art piece as a way to further interpret human relations to crisis response and how that impacts our relationships to our community.



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