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JCATI Base Plate

Author(s) Jacob Atamian Faculty Mentor(s) Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology), Dr. Jeunghwan Choi (MET), Muir Hamilton (ETSC) Abstract Students of the Mechanical Engineering Technology (MET) program at Central Washington University have contributed to an ongoing Carbon Fiber Recycler project funded

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Custom Ultrasonic Anemometer

Author(s) Emily Raney Faculty Mentor(s) Greg Lyman (Electronic Engineering Technology) Abstract Collecting wind speed and direction measurements can vary greatly based on the location that the measurement is being taken from. On the Hogue Technologies building roof there is an

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Explorations and Applications of Modern Cryptology

Author(s) Kimberly Wiles Faculty Mentor(s) Stuart Boersma (Mathematics) Abstract From as early as 400 BC, civilizations have been using cryptography; the art of creating codes. Often utilized among military personal, encrypted messages contributed a significant amount to the success of

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RC Baja: Differential/Drivetrain

Author(s) Ryder Satak, Jeffery Harn, Naoki Masuda Faculty Mentor(s) John Choi (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) hosts an RC Baja competition yearly at Central Washington University where schools from around the state gather to compete.

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