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Korean Variety Shows

Author(s) Adamari Valente Faculty Mentor(s) Volha Isakava (History) Abstract The topic that will be presented on will be about Korean Variety shows. Korean citizens watch dramas and variety shows that will make them have a good time when they are

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Carbon Fiber Recycling Shredder

Author(s) Benjamin Cooley Faculty Mentor(s) Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract Once carbon fibers are cast into a resin and used in a composite material, retrieving those fibers can be a difficult task. However, it is beneficial to recycle and

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Program To Avoid RFID Cloning

Author(s) Lorenzo Isiordia Faculty Mentor(s) Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology) Abstract Security is crucial for any organization, especially for organizations with a great number of employees. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to assist security by providing a Radio-Frequency

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Balsa Wood Bridge Project by Joshua Nye

Author(s) Joshua Nye Faculty Mentor(s) Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract The project requires the individual to design and construct a truss bridge made from balsa wood and wood glue to perform several objectives. The main objectives are to articulate

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La Comunidad Project

Author(s) Yajaira Perez Faculty Mentor(s) César García (Communication) Abstract Systemic racism in the education system is an issue that has been outlooked for too long. Students who attend low income school districts have an exceptional disadvantage at life. It has

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