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Balsa Wood Bridge

Author(s) Isaac Chavez Ramirez Faculty Mentor(s) Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract The project chosen was the challenge of designing and constructing an articulating Balsa Wood Bridge that would withstand a minimum load of 18.9 kg. The first step was

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The Benefits of Mentoring

Author(s) Maddie Farrell Faculty Mentor(s) Allyson Rogan-Klyve (Other) Abstract Mentoring is the building block to confidence, positive self-esteem and individual success. Every school should implement a mentoring program to allow for Elementary School students to be supported by Middle or

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La Comunidad Project

Author(s) Yajaira Perez Faculty Mentor(s) César García (Communication) Abstract Systemic racism in the education system is an issue that has been outlooked for too long. Students who attend low income school districts have an exceptional disadvantage at life. It has

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