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Alison Banchero’s Senior Project

Author(s) Alison Banchero Faculty Mentor(s) Mark Samples (Other) Abstract This presentation will outline the process of my senior project here at CWU. The project is an album of original songs that have been written, arranged, recorded, and mixed. There are

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Atlas Robot Improvement

Author(s) Pongpob Supinee Faculty Mentor(s) Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology) Abstract The Atlas robot that is used for the robotic class in Central Washington University does not process any sensor that will provide safety for the users or itself. The

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RC Baja Car: Suspension and Chassis

Author(s) Colton Hague, Tucker Odegaard Faculty Mentor(s) Jeunghwan Choi (Mechanical Engineering Technology), Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract An RC Baja car was designed and manufactured to compete in the ASME RC Baja competition. The American Society of Mechanical Engineering

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CWU Student Price Index

Author(s) Zachary Dowdy, Kaylee Coooper Faculty Mentor(s) Tennecia Dacass (Economics) Abstract This project aims to develop a price index of the cost of college living in Ellensburg. To be consistent with the information provided by the Bureau of Labor Statistics

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