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Thermal Conductivity Measuring System (TCoMS)

Author(s) Lucas Hill Faculty Mentor(s) Jeunghwan Choi (Mechanical Engineering Technology), Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract The Mechanical Engineering Technology department at Central Washington University is lacking a method to reliably measure the thermal conductivity of bulk materials, with dimensions

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RC Baja Racer

Author(s) Chesna Kern, Gizan Gando Faculty Mentor(s) John Choi (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) holds a competition at their annual conference for college students to design an RC car that will compete in sprint,

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Women, Prison and Cognition in Washington State

Author(s) America Sanchez, Christine Henderson Faculty Mentor(s) Christine Henderson (Law & Justice) Abstract There is a current need to construct gender-based reentry and rehabilitation correctional programs in Washington State. There are differences surrounding men’s and women’s correctional rehabilitation, such as

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The Neuroscience of Mental Health

Author(s) Tyler Ussery Faculty Mentor(s) Tyler Ussery (Psychology) Abstract COVID-19 has affected our world in countless ways, but most of all, the virus has encouraged reflection in most areas of humanity. One of the most pressing global issues currently is

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