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RC Baja Racer

Author(s) Chesna Kern, Gizan Gando Faculty Mentor(s) John Choi (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract The American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) holds a competition at their annual conference for college students to design an RC car that will compete in sprint,

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Pulse Heated Thermistor Device

Author(s) Matthew Schrenk Faculty Mentor(s) John Choi (Mechanical Engineering Technology), Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract Currently, there are several ways in which thermal conductivity can be calculated or assessed on a given material. However, with each method of testing

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Korean Variety Shows

Author(s) Adamari Valente Faculty Mentor(s) Volha Isakava (History) Abstract The topic that will be presented on will be about Korean Variety shows. Korean citizens watch dramas and variety shows that will make them have a good time when they are

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