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Middle Columbia River Environmental Archaeology

Author(s) Astra Palmer, Harley Biggs Faculty Mentor(s) Steven Hackenberger (Anthropology & Museum Studies) Abstract As part of our Provost and OUR supported research project with Dr. Hackenberger, we have undertaken a focused study of the sediments and stratigraphy of the

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Custom Ultrasonic Anemometer

Author(s) Emily Raney Faculty Mentor(s) Greg Lyman (Electronic Engineering Technology) Abstract Collecting wind speed and direction measurements can vary greatly based on the location that the measurement is being taken from. On the Hogue Technologies building roof there is an

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RC Baja – Drivetrain & Steering

Author(s) Tucker Odegaard, Colton Hague Faculty Mentor(s) Jeunghwan Choi (Mechanical Engineering Technology), Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract There was a need for an RC car that would turn the power of a brushless motor into torque to the wheels,

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Program To Avoid RFID Cloning

Author(s) Lorenzo Isiordia Faculty Mentor(s) Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology) Abstract Security is crucial for any organization, especially for organizations with a great number of employees. Therefore, the purpose of this project is to assist security by providing a Radio-Frequency

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