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Balsa Wood Bridge

Author(s) Logan Bronemann Faculty Mentor(s) Charles Pringle (Mechanical Engineering Technology) Abstract Abstract: The objective of the project undertaken is to design and build an articulating bridge which can be raised and lowered constructed from only balsa wood. To meet the

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School Psychology Recruitment

Author(s) Cody Kuster, Natalie Amos, Tahlia Lopez, Alex Reimann Faculty Mentor(s) Heath Marrs (Psychology) Abstract The field of School Psychology has shown a shortage of practitioners across the nation. With that, applicants to graduate schools are needed more than ever

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Women, Prison and Cognition in Washington State

Author(s) America Sanchez, Christine Henderson Faculty Mentor(s) Christine Henderson (Law & Justice) Abstract There is a current need to construct gender-based reentry and rehabilitation correctional programs in Washington State. There are differences surrounding men’s and women’s correctional rehabilitation, such as

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