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Determinants of Enrollment at CWU

Author(s) Jonathan Ehlers Faculty Mentor(s) Toni Sipic (Economics) Abstract Universities are always looking for ways to streamline the enrollment process. The process of sorting all of the applicants, choosing which ones to accept, and then documenting all of those who

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Investing in a Global Pandemic

Author(s) Derek Zinn, Austin Brooks Faculty Mentor(s) Fang Wang (Finance & Supply Chain Management) Abstract This presentation will attempt to offer insight into stock market movements and trends. Back in October members of the CWU Investment group formed groups and

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E paper picture frame

Author(s) Zachary Cushon Faculty Mentor(s) Lad Holden (Electronic Engineering Technology) Abstract This project aims to solve a few fundamental problems that are posed with the design and form factor of digital picture frames. Digital picture frames are a great decoration

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