Alison Banchero

Faculty Mentor(s)

Mark Samples (Other)


This presentation will outline the process of my senior project here at CWU. The project is an album of original songs that have been written, arranged, recorded, and mixed. There are 9 songs total that vary in instrumentation—from piano and voice to strings, winds, voice, and classical percussion—and genre—from pop to musical theater, jazz, and soul. I will break down the steps of songwriting, revision, development, arrangement, contracting others, organizing recording sessions, and mixing. Audio recordings will also be shared.

I will the review some of the unique challenges and lessons learned throughout this process, such as recording during a pandemic, the importance of a positive attitude, diplomacy in the face of administrative issues, and management skills as they pertain to this field of work. It is my hope that this project lays the foundation for future students who choose to take on creative projects in the music department.

Keywords: Creativity, Arts, Music


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  1. Fabulous work – the compositions themselves, your explanation of your process, and your analysis. I can’t wait to buy the album!

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