Marissa Bragg

Faculty Mentor(s)

Gabrielle McNeillie (Dance), Therese Young (Dance)


Dance can be used to open the conversation about societal and taboo topics and give its audience a different viewpoint of the issue being addressed. Addiction is a controversial subject in America, and this work is intended to begin this conversation with the audience. This dance was created to show the internal suffering one goes through when fighting to stay sober. I was inspired to do this piece by the experiences of friends and family who battle with addiction, specifically alcohol and drugs.

Keywords: Addiction, Relapse, Artistic expression


2 thoughts on “After the Pink Cloud Ends”

  1. I found this piece to be compelling. Thank you for sharing your inspiration and the meaning behind your creative work.

  2. Beautifully choreographed. This definitely captures a variety of feelings and energy levels through movement. Thanks for sharing!

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