Accessibility Panel: ADHD and Invisible Disabilities Awareness


  • The Gender Bias in Diagnosing ADHD and Lasting Impacts It Has Had Upon the Lives of Women -Sara Cannarella
  • Current Social Media Pages focused on ADHD Awareness – Alexa Stewart
  • How Invisible Disabilities Affect College Student Participation in School-Sponsored Events – Ellie Chaffin


5 thoughts on “Accessibility Panel: ADHD and Invisible Disabilities Awareness”

  1. Awesome panel everyone. I hadn’t given much thought to invisible disabilities and how they take a major hit in areas regarding college, social media, and even gender. I really enjoyed listening to how ADHD can be moved to the forefront of discussion when looking at how to provide accommodations for such a common disability in people. Thanks for a great panel.

  2. I really appreciated the information in this panel. There is lots to be aware of and much work to be done to improve accessibility in this area. I am glad the stigma surrounding ADHD is lessening.


  3. Way to go ASP Students! What a great panel. Such important information being shared here. Proud to be an ASP alumni!

  4. Great job on your presentations everyone! I had no idea that the diagnostic criteria for ADHD was developed for children. I have also heard that girls are often under diagnosed for ADHD. However, I didn’t realize how large the gap was for boys compared to girls being diagnosed. Thanks for sharing your projects!

  5. Y’all did a great job on your presentations! As someone with an invisible disability I appreciate the ways you brought awareness to different types, especially ADHD. Thanks for sharing!

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