Accessibility Panel: Accessible School Programs


  • Are Future High School Coaches Adequately Prepared to Involve Students with Disabilities? – Trevor Barger
  • SmartMind: A Program to Alleviate Engagement Problems of Remote Learning in a Challenging High School – Alyssa Howard
  • The Accessibility of Pandemic-era Communication from a School District Before-and-After School Care Program – Laura Korsgaard



3 thoughts on “Accessibility Panel: Accessible School Programs”

  1. Hello! You guys picked a really relevant topic and one that is so necessary to bring accessibility attention to! I appreciate the attention you pay to school age children and their need for accessibility equality in school. All children should have equal opportunity in education, accessibility, and opportunity. Your presentations bring awareness and accountability to that. Great job!

  2. I really enjoyed this presentation! I appreciate that Trevor is passionate about making school sports/PE more accessible for students, as many disabled students are left out of these classes and activities due to poor understanding. I also found it great that the remote learning and engagement challenges presented to school children by COVID were evaluated, as these are important for the future of education.

  3. I really enjoyed this presentation! It’s super important to help children with disabilities learn to accept their limitations and learn to live their best lives, so I think that starting that in places that are currently an accessibility struggle, like sports and PE, is a great idea! I loved that two of the presentations focused on the difficulties faced by multiple populations when using online platforms for educational and interaction purposes.

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