Accessibility Panel: Accessible Communication


  • Open Up a World of Possibilities for Your Deaf Child Through ASL Immersion – Kate Anderson
  • Changing How Music is Viewed with Subtitles and ASL Interpreters – Samantha Stevens
  • The Accessibility of Drive-Thru Restaurants for People with Visual and Communicative Disabilities – Toby Gordon



4 thoughts on “Accessibility Panel: Accessible Communication”

  1. Great work on your presentations, everyone. I really enjoyed the descriptions for ways you can each improve in your respective projects. It was cool to also see how your projects meshed well together and sort of talked on points that related to all of you. It’s always nice when you can relate to your peer’s presentations. Thanks for the great panel.

  2. Hello! Great job on your presentation, your slides are set up really well and everything looks great! I appreciate the nature of your topic and accessibility in communication is such an important issue to bring awareness to. Communication is necessary for us all and if there are barriers to this because of a lack of accessibility there is a failure on all our parts to change this. Your presentation brings attention to this relevant and important topic, thank you!

  3. Great job on your presentations everyone! Thanks for bringing awareness to these issues. I love the recommendation of including subtitles and interpreters at concerts. It’s something that I never thought about before so I am glad you brought it to my attention. Additionally, I am nearsighted so I have had difficulty reading outdoor menus in drive thru restaurants, along with many other restaurants. Often, the font size is very little or there is a lot of information in a small surface area. I thought the recommendations you suggest are great!

  4. Fantastic job on this presentation- as communication is vital in our global society, it was interesting and informative to see how communication can become more accessible. Before I began my schooling at Central, I wanted to become an ASL interpreter, so I am familiar with each of the topics discussed within the panel. From my own background knowledge, it is shocking to see how many parents are quick to give their child a cochlear implant, some countries have mandatory laws regarding this same issue. Additionally, there is an all Deaf Starbucks located in Washington D.C., in the same vicinity at Gallaudet University! I also enjoyed Samantha’s correlation between subtitles, ASL interpreters, and music. I often wonder how the musical experience of a d/Deaf or Hard of Hearing individual is in comparison to a Hearing experience. Anyways..amazing job, guys!

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