Accessibility Panel: Accessibility Issues for Children


  • The Accessibility of the Sequim McDonald’s PlayPlace – Annie Guthrie
  • Accessible Design in Water Parks – Patience Pruitt
  • Accessibility in Daycares – Teresa Olarte



4 thoughts on “Accessibility Panel: Accessibility Issues for Children”

  1. Haleena Necessary

    I liked these presentations a lot. I think that increasing accessibility and accommodations for youth is a major step in increasing accessibility for all. In particular, Teresa’s presentation brings up a crucial point that teachers should have more education on the disabilities their kids may face. Although there is so much on teachers’ shoulders already, reaching out to a school psychologist can help with this. All these presentations stress the importance of educating the people in charge, which could make some good change.


  2. Great job addressing accessibility issues that disabled children face! These places are so often overlooked when it comes to accessibility, and each presentation explains the importance of making them more accessible.

  3. I found this presentation to be thorough and concise. I also found it to be very interesting! When I was younger, I’d never thought of the PlayPlace as inaccessible as I’m an able bodied person and at that age didn’t know many children who had disabilities. I haven’t seen or haven taken my daughter there since the pandemic or since starting this minor and find it shocking that I’d never heard someone speak of this issue or thought of it myself. I enjoyed watching Pruitt’s presentation and agree with her ideas for improvement. Olarte’s presentation made me a little sad about the inaccessibility’s in daycares and the avoidance of educating and training staff. It is however a topic that needs to be discussed more openly and often!
    Great job, everyone!

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