Accessibility Panel: Accessibility in the College Setting


  • Accessibility Awareness in CWU’s Nutrition Dietetic Curriculum. – Nicole Gibson
  • Accessibility Universal Design for Learning Training for Faculty using the Canvas Learning Management System – Bridget Irish
  • How Academic Libraries Can Improve Accessibility for Employees with Invisible Disabilities – Tasha Robertson


6 thoughts on “Accessibility Panel: Accessibility in the College Setting”

  1. This was a really interesting presentation. I enjoyed hearing about everyone’s projects and ideas for improving accessibility in their various areas. Library science was one I hadn’t thought of much before in terms of accessibility, and I didn’t realize there were so many barriers in what seems like a field that should be relatively easily accessible. Better accessibility training in Canvas would definitely benefit both students and teachers. And it seems that Bridget found some real needs and areas for improving accessibility in the dietic program also. Great job, everyone!


  2. Haleena Necessary

    This was a great presentation, and I learned a lot about issues I have not thought about previously. I can see how struggling with a disability can cause different issues regarding nutrition, and I feel like this is an issue that should be addressed more. I also believe that the Canvas site needs adjusting as well. There are always improvements that can be made to help people with disabilities, and a school should always be willing to make these. I also found the librarian discussion important. Jobs often have irrelevant requirements so they can weed out applicants without looking biased.
    Great work!


  3. I thought this was a very thorough, well-written, thought out and concise presentation done by all three! Bridget presented so well and eloquently. I thought that Tasha’s presentation was insightful, detailed, and concise. I like how she included a piece of herself in her presentation. Nutrition isn’t something that immediately comes to mind for me when thinking of accessibility so I think it’s amazing that Nicole Gibson was able to make a presentation about a topic that isn’t well known and provide the research and data to reach an answer in regards to her research question. Great job!

  4. I really enjoyed everyone’s presentation in this panel! I especially resonated with Tasha’s presentation on making libraries accessible to invisibly disabled people, as this is also something that I am very passionate about! I appreciated the use of identity-first language and the different disabilities used as examples in the presentation, as well. I also would like to add that, as someone who struggles with eating due to disabilities, I appreciated Nicole’s investigation into disability awareness and accessibility in the Nutrition program!
    I have known about Bridget’s capstone all quarter and have been very excited to hear her presentation on it, as Canvas is known to have some hiccups in accessibility. I wasn’t disappointed!

  5. This panel was really informational! Each topic of discussion blended beautifully with that of Accessibility Studies. In Nicole’s discussion, I found it interesting that the relationship between nutrition and disabilities was either non-existent, or only discussed through implication. You would think that the relationship between nutrition and disabilities would be a widely researched topic, however, it seems to be quite lacking.
    Additionally, both Tasha and Bridget had wonderful discussions as well. I was particularly interested in Bridget’s segment since I have listened to her progress in a course we share.
    Great job everyone!

  6. This was a very informative panel. Initially I thought the topics looked very disparate and I wondered how they would all fit together. After watching the panel speak (and they all did a great job), i saw the relationship between nutrition. technology and library design in a new way (especially as these relate to accessibility). Thanks for a great panel!.

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