Academic Service Learning in Public Health.


Brittaney Carroll

Faculty Mentor(s)

Amie Wojtyna (Public Health)


The PUBH 489 course allows students to engage in community and/or campus based academic service learning related to public health. In Winter quarter 2021, CWU students were trained and certified in case investigation and contact tracing (CICT) for the COVID-19 pandemic. In conjunction with the Kittitas County Public Health Department (KCPHD), the CWU CICT team has been working to help limit the spread of COVID-19 in the community. The CICT team has been heavily involved in ensuring that COVID-19 positive students, and those identified as being close contacts, are following all recommendations for isolation or quarantine periods, respectively. As a student involved in the CICT team, I have been investigating positive cases to pinpoint infectious period timelines, determine isolation, and identify close contacts. Contacts are then notified and given instructions for quarantining, whether on-or-off-campus. Once cases and contacts have been investigated, each receives a daily call regarding general health and well-being, development of symptoms, and to determine if they are in need of any support or assistance from the University. This experience has allowed me to prioritize the well-being of my student community. I have been able to take the public health knowledge and skills I have learned throughout my education at CWU and apply that to something that is making a difference and giving me experience that I can utilize post-graduation.

Keywords: “Public Health” “COVID-19” “Contact Tracing” “Academic Service Learning”


7 thoughts on “Academic Service Learning in Public Health.”

  1. Great presentation, Brittaney! I liked how you included the frequently used terms for CICT/COVID and how you included your experience. One thing you could add would be the challenges of CICT.

  2. Great job Brittaney, working in the CICT team has been difficult this year, but I applaud your service and efforts to keep students here at CWU safe and healthy!

  3. Great job on this presentation, Brittaney. Thank you for all you do to keep our CWU community safe and healthy during this difficult time. Great work.

  4. Hi Brittany,
    Great job on your presentation. I like how you laid out the terms in the beginning for those who are not familiar. I actually got to be a CICT contracted with the WA DOH and it was cool to see how CWU did their contact tracing, it’s just like the DOH did it. Thank you for helping the CWU community during the pandemic! I know the skills you learned will be helpful in any future career in public health.

  5. Brittaney,
    Great presentation on such an impactful and socially relevant topic.
    I’m curious about a few different elements of your presentation. For example, how many cases did you investigate and how many contacts arose from those case investigations? What sort of resources were made available to those contacted? And what was the overall outcome or impact on the community?

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