A Plan to Investigate the Accessibility of Kittitas Valley Math Circles Lessons: With a Concentration on Web-Video Lesson


Samantha Wilson

Faculty Mentor(s)

Naomi Petersen (Accessibility Studies)


This capstone project is an investigation of the accessibility of Kittitas Valley Math Circle online lessons. Due to COVID-19 Kittitas Valley Math Circles was forced to put lessons online on YouTube. This investigation looks at how the online video lessons comply with the guidelines put forth by Horton and Quesenbery (2013) in A Web for Everyone. The video lessons will also be compared to the Minimum Accessibility Standard provided within the Washington State Policy 188. The results of this investigation prompts action to improve the accessibility of the Kittitas Valley Math Circles online video lessons.

Keywords: Accessibility Studies, Math Circles, Video Lessons


4 thoughts on “A Plan to Investigate the Accessibility of Kittitas Valley Math Circles Lessons: With a Concentration on Web-Video Lesson”

  1. Samantha,
    Wow! what a well thought out presentation for the accessibility projects and panels. I had a similar experience with looking at coaching and how we can make that more accessible as well. I think it’s important for children to feel comfortable with activities involved with schooling and activities revolving around it. I’m glad to see how you discussed the POUR guidelines with online learning for these lessons. That is the perfect place to start and help people understand what it means to provide information to all levels of learning. Awesome Presentation.

  2. Hi Samantha,
    I enjoyed hearing about your plan to evaluate the accessibility of the math circles, and I thought your suggestions at the end were good. I especially appreciated that you mentioned including timestamps in the transcripts. That makes it much easier to find a specific part and check if you had difficulty hearing what was said, and makes quoting/citing it easier too.

  3. Great presentation Samantha! I love that you focused on something so central to Ellensburg to conduct your research. I am also in the STEM Teach program, and I believe what you have highlighted is incredibly important and I want to implement into my own classroom, but I would love to know if there are ways that computers can assist in this. In terms of implementing these additional supports, do you know of any programs or applications that can accurately and efficiently assist in captioning and transcribing? Or are these things that the educator must take time to type out on their own?

  4. Haleena Necessary

    Perception is everything with youth. Helping kids see a subject like math differently can drastically change their feelings about it. Making a program like this more accessible could help so many kids and that is a good and noble cause to take up. I can see that change being made and that is important!
    Great job!


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