A Foundational Component of Military Intelligence: A Country Overview Map



Garrett Miller

Faculty Mentor(s)

Robert Hickey (Geography)


Geographic information has long been a critical component for military operations to succeed. Gaining a baseline understanding of both the physical geography and human geography features of the specific area an operation is going to be taking place is the first step in developing a course of action for potential missions. The purpose of this project was to gain insight into the type of work that is commonly done by military intelligence (MI) soldiers and create an example of one of the common tasks done by MI soldiers, which is a country overview map. An overview map is a common type of map that would be created by a geospatial MI soldier in order to show the basic geographic information for an area of interest. The map would then be used to brief officers so they have an understanding of the area and can make an informed decision on potential courses of action for future or present operations. The country of Armenia was selected due to the recent conflicts over the Nagorno-Karabakh territory with neighboring Azerbaijan. The basic information found on this map includes a base of the physical terrain (elevation, lakes, and rivers) with the following features placed on it: the political borders of countries, major cities, international airports, hydroelectric stations, primary and secondary roads, and railroads.

Keywords: Geospatial Intelligence, Map, Military


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