Student: Collin McKenzie

Mentor: John Choi


Two students have developed a unique design of the RC Baja Car to optimize functionality and performance. A Baja car is a remote controlled 1/10 scale car that is used for recreation or competition, usually meant for competing in the ASME Baja car competition versus various schools. The competition focuses on the best time achieved in different courses that utilize speed, turns, and jumps. The objective for the project was to create a unique suspension from previous individual’s projects by creating a four-link suspension in which allows more travel in the suspension of the car and maintains functionality with the intent to improve overall performance. To integrate this concept, the design process was calculated and modeled carefully after researching the inspiration from competitive trophy trucks. The angle of the suspension arms and tolerances needed to be precise to produce a cohesive functional rear of the car. Upon manufacturing, linkage of the suspension from the rear axle and differential case to the rear strut support and main chassis plate was crucial. Using manufacturing machines such as mills, drill presses, and sheet metal benders, the supports for the struts and the chassis plate which connects the trailing arms were created. With the four-link suspension and allowable adjustments within the design, the RC Baja Car was able to withstand a drop of 1.5 feet and 94 lbf vertically simulating jumps needing to be withstood without failure of the suspension.


1 thought on “RC Mini Baja Car – Suspension and Chassis”

  1. Collin,
    You guys did a great job getting this project together. With so many pieces, and the added complexity of 3d printing make it easier said than done. Glad it worked out.


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