Students: Jose Reyna, Tyler Hoffman

Mentor: Charles Pringle, Jeunghwan Choi (Engineering), Craig Johnson (Engineering)


Agricultural areas sometimes experience cold weather in early spring and risk damage to crops due to freezing. To combat this issue, farms can employ temporary fans to keep the blossoms from freezing. The design of a 17-foot-tall wind turbine mounted on 7-foot-wide trailer can help mix the warm air that’s above the wind turbine with the colder air that’s below to keep the crop from freezing. These wind turbines can produce up to 2000 lbs of thrust force. At a height of 17 feet, this force then becomes a moment of 34,000 lb-ft. This moment will tip the trailers over as they don’t cover a wide enough area to counter the moment. To counter this moment, telescoping outriggers were designed. Analysis was completed to determine the length of the outriggers, the dimensions of the square tubing used to manufacture the outriggers, and the max deflection allowable by the outriggers. A Solidworks model supported the calculations. The stabilizing legs design is contained in the report by Tyler Hoffman. Testing determined that the outriggers performed to the design specification. The outriggers weighed 550 pounds, they extended to a length of 16 feet, and retracted to a length of 7 feet. Under load the outriggers deflected less than 1 inch and maintained stability on a 15% grade.


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