Student: Mohammed Alhajri

Mentor: John Choi


This report talks about the fire fighter robot which can be used for fighting against the fire and which can be controlled from a safe distance. The most important objectives of designing such a device was to design and implement a test environment. Also the main objective was that to design and fabricate the frame of the robot. Furthermore it was necessary to design and implement a drive system. Some of the constraints in this project were that the designed robotic machine was not able to climb up the stairs. Also the material was not able to perform with hundred percent efficiency if the ambient temperature was quite high. This project was the team effort of the two students and work was evenly divided between the two class mates. Dimensional analysis was done for the parts which were utilized in the project right from the start. After that the whole design of the fire fighter robot was made by using the SOLIDWORK software in which the dimensions of all of the parts like wheel, chain the water tank, camera position and the top as well as the bottom frame was created. The water tank pressure was analyzed with the use of the formulas of physics. The force on the hose was calculated due to the pressure of water. The parts of the construction were 360 degree camera, motorized arm, fluid tank, front spacer, back spacer and camera base which were purchased from online store. Robotic arm holder widget produced some issues during the performance check which was fixed at the end. It was found during test, the robotic arm was easily rotating 100 degrees and was able to lift the tube and nozzle. Robotic arm holder was not strong enough and it was broken during test.


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