Escaping Suburbia-A Study in Film Auteur

Student: Morgan Bedard

Mentor: Melissa Johnson, Maria Sanders (Film Department)


At SOURCE I will be presenting a study on the “Film Auteur” theory with regards to the filmmakers Tim Burton and The Coen Brothers. My presentation will use Powerpoint to show visuals from these filmmaker’s films that will help to explain how “auteur theory” works. Auteur theory refers to the filmmaker as the “author” of the film; meaning that they hold ultimate creative control and leave a lasting signature that is unique to their work. An example of an auteur trope is Tim Burton’s use of exaggerated body parts such as large eyes and long limbs that harken back to his influence from German Expressionism. I will be comparing the styles of these two authors with regards to their similar background of wishing to “escape suburbia” and enter a world of imagination and wonder.


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