Enhancement of a Gaming Controller with Triple Axis Accelerometer Modification

Student: Trey Kilmer

Mentor: Lad Holden


Gaming is one of the main sources for entertainment for a lot of people around the world, and with the amount of people playing video games constantly rising the need for better and better technology keeps growing. A staple in gaming is the controller, whether it’s console or PC gaming a controller can be found in almost every gamer players house. Back when the first gaming consoles came out the controllers were simple and didn’t have much to them just a few buttons, but as the technology advances more features are added. Take the PlayStation controllers for example the very first one just had a few buttons and now the PlayStation 4 controller has analog sticks, a trackpad, accelerometer, and much more. The project objective was to retrofit an original XBOX controller with a triple axis accelerometer to that so the controller will be able to be used as a steering wheel in racing games. The concept of adding the accelerometers to an existing controller is sound but does not lend itself to the development of a viable product because it’s labor intensive to modify a wireless controller making the idea not financially viable.


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